Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ah, 3-ball in the corner pocket?

Billiard balls. They're round, they're colorful, they're smooth, they're cool looking and they make an interesting centerpiece.

Okay, they're odd to have just lying around, but there is something magical about having them out their usual context. After all, green felt is not all that flattering to them. Might we suggest a bowl (as shown) or in a line on a shelf or....well it's obviously gonna be up to you.

Nonetheless, men, kids and large egg-bearing birds will be drawn to them once you get them home.

FUN? Are you kidding?

Are we having fun yet? Sure we are. Especially since we just brought in LOTS of these vintage Drive-In Movie Marquee Sign letters. How you can you not have fun with these plastic letters, they harken from an era of "The Swamp Thing" and "Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang" and piling your car up with your friends and stuffing a few in the trunk.

The letters are 10 inches tall and made of heavy black plastic. We love letters of all shapes and sizes, materials, and colors. And, if you're not into letters but have a fascination with numbers, we have a few selections of those as well.