Wednesday, June 1, 2011

oops, forgot to mention...

These metal letters measure about 29" tall (t) and 22" tall (n) ....and have a depth of about 4"--and are in fabulous condition!
Although quite large, they are not heavy...easy to hang!

Successful scavaging--take a look!

Last weekend was amazing! We've added so many new things to the are a few:
-a variety of salt and pepper pairs
-vintage silver teapots (gorgeous vases for your fresh flowers!)
-vintage metal signage (including 54"x7" florist sign)
-infusion of game pieces, game boards, and WORD CARDS!


more photos to entice you!

-interesting "industrial" pieces
-wire baskets, grates, wall "art"
-lots for the garden...including vintage wire plant stand, wonderful watering cans, white metal "motel" rocker (excellent condition), wrought iron flower pot holder, various pails and containers
We thank you for taking the time to look at these photos and hope that they will make you want to come in and check out all the wonderful "new" stuff at Roots!
Tu-Sat 10am-4pm