Tuesday, September 27, 2011


bowl...(definition loosely interpreted by Roots!)...a rather deep, round (well, not always) dish or basin, used chiefly for holding stuff. We have a nice selection of bowls (large and small)... ironstone, yellow ware, zinc (?), wooden. And, we always have great "stuff" to fill bowls! Coming soon...a selection of locally fabricated metal wall art. These are unique and lovely pieces. We will get photos uploaded as soon as they are here in the shop! (hopefully early week of Oct. 3)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zen-fully artful

Kim is not only creative visually, but she writes beautifully as well. She says..." I like to mix elements of nature. Lots of wood, plants & metal grouped with original artwork. Either my own, made by friends or collected during my travels. All items collected over time. They have found a very cohesive home together. On the vintage bamboo table I have a metal box found at Roots. It creates another level on the table scape to keep the eye moving and provides a place to store away all of the "things" we use in our everyday lives that aren't so pretty on display. On the dining room sideboard I have a variety of collected items. Another metal box found at Roots (currently storing napkins) and an old glass fishing float (also from Roots) paired with stoneware ink bottles dug on a building site in England..." As you can see, Kim has a true gift for repurposing and displaying her finds. We are lucky she haunts Roots!


Jen and Adam were inspired and quickly saw the potential in these old "industrial" pieces. The blue metal chair just pops against the warm brick wall. The cart provides the most unique surface to display treasures. We love their vision and this creative space!

Art, assemblages...awesome!

Mark uses bits and pieces of old metal, plastic, wood and paper to create his one-of-a-kind pieces of art. They are filled with whimsey and color, and little details that just make us smile. He is often in the shop looking for a very specific "something" that will find its way into some wonderful collage of found objects. We are so thrilled that he shared some of his work with us!

A family affair @ Roots

We all love it when the Johnson family comes to the shop! Mom has a great eye and she has taught the boys to think creatively and appreciate the old and repurposed. The architectural remnant above the bed is downright beautiful. The wall of D's and rusty "art" is fun and all have been collected, over time, by a master bargain hunter! The metal "memo board" is a perfect way to display art and photos, tickets, ribbons and other memories. Thanks Johnsons for sharing your creativity!


This is one perfect use for an old frame. Dustin is a collector of many, many interesting items, and he loves the graphics of old posters and advertising. He bought this simple, vintage frame at Roots, stuck his fun, old poster in it and voila! instant art!

Door turned table-WOW!

This is Courtney's "before" door (with adorable husband) and "after" table. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this creative use of the old, tired door! We also love the eclectic mix of chairs around the table, and the simple charm that invites you to just sit right down and have a cookie.

Nutmegs & more Meg

This great line up is from our customer, Meg. She's been collecting nutmeg tins for years, with her most recent acquisition and the perfect shelf to display some of her favorites coming from Roots! Her apartment is full of charm, from the stacked stools holding plants, old game boards and tins (note: with a star theme), to the warm and inviting fireplace decked out with artwork created from found pieces (many from Roots). This is creativity at its finest.